WHO and why they should not be in bed with the IAEA

Revised 4 April, 2011

We will go into this in more depth a little later but for all those who asked to know more about why WHO (the World Health Organization) should not have been allowed to make an agreement of mutual support with the IAEA whose mandate is to promote nuclear power, this brief note thanks to a colleague from Physicians for Global Survival:

In 1956 the WHO convened a study group that concluded:  "....genetic heritage is the most precious property for human beings.  It determines the lives of our progeny, healthy and harmonious development of future generations.  As experts, we affirm that the health of future generations is threatened by increasing development of the atomic industry and sources of radiation...We also believe that new mutations that occur in humans are harmful to them and their offspring"  WHO Genetic effects of radiation in humans.  Report by WHO, Geneva, 1957, p.183)

Another report in 1958 repeated the same message. Technical report No. 151, p 59, WHO, Geneva, 1958.  After 1959, WHO was silenced.  It made no more statements on health and radioactivity.

What silenced the World Health Organization?


An agreement was made between the WHO and the IAEA, May 28, 1959 at the 12th World Health Assembly, clause No. 12.40:

“whenever either organization proposes to initiate a programme or activity on a subject in which the other organization has or may have a substantial interest, the first party shall consult the other with a view to adjusting the matter by mutual agreement...” 

The IAEA's purpose is:

 “to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world.”




This silence has allowed deaths from Chernobyl and other nuclear accidents to be concealed and denied. By tacitly approving the promotion of the nuclear energy agenda it has allowed new deaths to occur. The danger Japan faces now is partly the result of WHO not taking a strong position against radiation danger from nuclear power production, and from failing in their mandate to protect world public health.


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