Nuclear Waste Storage Rules Thrown Out By U.S. Court

This was a great day in the U.S. as the court threw out the Waste Confidence Rule and vacated it! 

“The commission’s [NRC's] evaluation of the risks of spent nuclear fuel is deficient,” Chief Judge David Sentelle wrote for the three-judge panel. Spent fuel “poses a dangerous long-term health and environmental risk.”

Spent nuclear fuel refers to fuel rods that, after four to six years of use in a reactor, are no longer efficient at producing energy, according to the court filing. The rods, which still emit dangerous radiation, are transferred to deep-water pools for cooling. They may then be sent to dry storage in concrete and steel casks at the site of the reactor.

Onsite storage is the industry’s only option “due to the government’s failure to establish a final resting place,” Sentelle said.

Without demonstrated proof that there is a viable plan for what to do with forever deadly nuclear waste now is the time to demand, at the top of our lungs, that they STOP MAKING IT! And, thank you from the bottom of our hearts to the hardworking groups and individuals who made this historic ruling happen. Today you are heroes!

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Said this on 6-9-2012 At 09:46 am

Thank you, Justice Sentelle, for injecting some sanity into the nuclear mess.  I live downwind of the Pilgrim nuclear plant in Massachusetts. Four times the recommended amount of spent rods sit on the roof over there. Fukushima has caused radioactive kelp and tuna to infect the west coast of North America, yet these fools keep on going at it.

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